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Jan 20, 2013 7:00am EST
came to live with him and my stepmother, and it was -- los angeles, there's a small community called highland park, which is in northeast l.a., and it it's predominantly latino, but there was a lot of culture shock in the sense even though a lot of the kids in the class looked like me, latino, black hair, brown eyes, brown skin, last names that i was familiar with, but they all spoke english, a language i couldn't speak, and that's when i realized, you know, sometimes there is a difference between being a child of an imgrant and being a child immigrant, and that's what i was. i was a child immigrant who didn't speak a word of english when she came to the u.s.. >> host: 202 is the area code if you want to talk with the author about her memoir, accident the distance between us," and 585 in the central in the eastern time zones. reyna grande, what is and was your father like when you were growing up? >> guest: well, i don't know what my father was like in mexico because he left when i was two years old, and when i saw him next, i was going on ten so i'm not quite sure, like, what kind o
Jan 27, 2013 8:00pm EST
was 23 years old, 1952. the dates are interesting the book is called the evolution of a southern reporter" evolution is the important part. jack was 23 years old. at 29 he won the pulitzer prize. and in 75 went to the "l.a. times." 1970 went to washington. young man. 65. 65, 70. he was a young man. he accomplished those wonderful stories but when i arrived he was still in into and still based their budget traveling all over with the movement at the time. those were not racially based. and this i learned from the book frankly the last door a jack covered for the constitution was in little rock when eisenhower in the federal troops and their desegregating central high school. as jean patterson said at the memorial service coverage jack was never deceived have a shot -- the same after that. with doctors and officials and the movement and he battled in justice and exposed it whenever it was started when he was 22 through the time when he died that is why i believe the first amendment, there is a myth that is shattered. when i arrived at the constitution that stated as gospel truth that jack d
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2